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Everyone starts out with the intent that they will not violate the terms of their probation. However, many things can happen that may cause someone to violate probation in New York City. The most common type of Probation Violation is missing appointments with your Probation Officer. As a Probationer, you will be required to make monthly or weekly appointments to discuss your case with your Probation Officer. It is important to remember these are not optional and must take precedent over any other commitment you may have. When things like a hospital stay, or a sick child may cause you to miss your appointment, you must contact your Probation Officer as soon as possible to let him know whay you missed the appointment.

Another common way in which people violate probation is by being rearrested. This is a serious problem because the Probation Departmet may file a violation of probation while you are in jail and the judge could hold you in jail until the Probation issue is resolved. This may happen even if you are completely innocent of the alleged crime you are accused of. Being rearrested is simply the best way to having your probation ended and being sent to jail.

There are many other ways to violate probation and they depend on the actual conditions that were imposed on you at the time you were placed on probation. The important thing to remember is that the possibilty of jail time is a reality if you violate probation and the judge believes you are not willing to live up to your obligations under the terms of probations. If you are facing a Probation Violation, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC at 917-519-8417 and let us put our experience to work for you.