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The usual term of probation is three years for a misdeamenor and five years for a felony. Once you have been placed on probation, you will be asked to interview with the Probation Department in whatever county you were convicted in. You will most likely also be asked to take a drug and alcohol test. Once that is completer you will be given a list of things that the Probation Department wants to see you accomplish.

The usual requirements are maintaining employment, not being rearrested, and going to a drug progran if it is determined you have a drug problem. You will also have to regularly check in with the Probation Department and meet appointments. In addition to these general terms, the Probation Department or he Judge can also order additional conditions of your probation. This could include restitution to a victim, intense supervision, or various classes or programs that the judge or probation office deems appropriate.

Once you have accepted probation through a plea deal or were found guilty and placed on probation, you must follow all of the orders of the judge and probation department. If you are confused about what your obligations are, speak to your probation officer. If you need additional assistance, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC at 917-519-8417 and let us work for you.